Wheelchair Friendly Beaches and Their Benefits

Have you ever tried walking on the beach? Anyone who has knows how difficult it is to walk in the sand. Now imagine you have a physical limitation and you are in a wheelchair. How would you get to experience the same joys as other beach goers? Your wheelchair would get stuck in the sand. It’s no longer an issue at a wheelchair friendly beach.

Sadly at many beaches it’s not so easy for people in wheelchairs to enjoy the beach the same way as the rest of us. There are a few things however that some beaches do offer which categorizes them as a wheelchair friendly beach. 

What makes a beach a wheelchair friendly beach?

This includes a beach mat that extends from the sidewalk out to the ocean. Someone can assist the person in the wheelchair directly from the beach and into the water if they choose. That is pretty cool, right? People can also use their walkers, strollers and even a dog wheelchair if the beach is dog friendly. 

Also, some of the wheelchair friendly beaches have concrete that extends out towards the ocean in certain areas, instead of there being only sand along the beach. The concrete doesn’t go all the way out to the water. It does however give the person in the wheelchair the opportunity to better hear the crashing of waves, smell the ocean and feel the breeze. All things we enjoy and that helps us relax when we go to the beach.  

What is a beach wheelchair?

Some beaches offer beach wheelchair rentals and some are electric. They have huge tires like you would find on dune buggees, so the wheelchair does not get stuck in the sand. Some of the beaches don’t even charge to use their beach wheelchairs. However, to use it someone does need to push from behind. It cannot be operated by the person sitting in the wheelchair.  

Wheelchair friendly beaches

A few of the wheelchair friendly beaches include Gulf Shores, San Diego Beach, Hanauma Bay, Myrtle Beach, Stearns Park Beach, Tybee Island, Panama City Beach, Key Largo, Daytona Beach, Siesta Key Beach, Hollywood Beach, Fernandina Beach, Pensacola Beach and Miami Beach. This list is growing ever year which is great. If you question a beach you would like to visit has wheelchair access, we suggest you check that specific beaches website. Usually they will have everything that you would want to know about that particular beach. 

Cheers to better beach days!

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