Pet Health Insurance; Avoid a Financial Disaster

Pet Health Insurance

Imagine thinking that the only cost you will have to own your dog or cat is food, an annual checkup, vaccinations and some treats. Maybe a toy or two also. Then you go to your veterinarian for your pets annual checkup. You find out that your pet should have its teeth cleaned. This will end up costing you hundreds of dollars. This may be a lot of money for you. If you think a few hundred dollars is a lot of money, then you most definitely need to get pet health insurance. 

A few hundred dollars isn’t much compared to paying $15,000 for some surgeries! Yes, that is not a misprint. The real benefit of pet health insurance is not having to pay everything out of pocket for any major surgery. Some of the most common major surgeries include seizures, fractured pelvis, swallowed object, cancer and acute kidney failure. 

Your loving dog or cat deserves the same medical treatment that you would. Don’t end up being that dog or cat owner that due to the money, has to have their beloved pet put to sleep. Would you have someone else in your family or a friend put to sleep? We didn’t think so. 

What affects the cost of pet health insurance?

Pet health insurance varies depend on if you have a dog or a cat and their age. Also, most pet health insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. The average cost for dogs is about $45 and for cats $25. If you are willing and able to pay out of pocket thousands of dollars, then go ahead and forgo getting pet health insurance. 

Do the research on pet health insurance.

If you do decide to get pet health insurance do the research. Find out what your deductible would be, the policy max, and what percentage the company pays after you have met your deductible. Most pet health insurance companies pay 80% of the cost after you have met your deductible. The lower your deductible the more your monthly premium will be. This is in addition to the age of your dog don’t forget. Also, annual checkups are not included and that includes teeth cleaning. These are considered routine expenses.  

One great benefit to pet health insurance is that many companies reimburse at least part of the cost for a dog wheelchair. Many dogs have certain conditions such as Tetraplegia which requires the use of a dog wheelchair

Pet health insurance is one of those things that hopefully you will never have to use. However, money in your pocket and peace of mind goes a long way. So go out and get your pet health insurance today.

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