Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchairs; They’re Ultra-Light Weight

Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair

Nobody likes extra weight. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new pair of running shoes or a dog wheelchair. It’s important to have great quality in any product you choose. it’s in the design and materials how you can avoid unnecessary weight. Something does not need to be heavy to be made well and last a lifetime. 

Our Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchairs are ultra-light weight.

What makes them light weight? The majority of the weight is in our frames. To reduce the weight we used an ultra-light weight, durable, non-rust aluminum. When metal rusts it becomes weak and can break. 

Another thing that makes our dog wheelchairs so light weight are the wheels.

They are made of deluxe neoprene. The wheels are ultra-light weight, yet very durable and comfortable. The neoprene also aids in the comfort of your dog. When he is running around fast as lightning, bumps won’t be as noticeable to him. The neoprene in the wheels helps to absorb the impact. If the wheels were made of cheap plastic, the energy from going over bumps would be disbursed throughout the dog wheelchair and felt more so by your dog. 

Imagine how easy your dog will be able to run up a hill since our dog wheelchairs are ultra-light.

If you decide to take your dog hiking he will be able much easier to go over bumps without even noticing. If you are going to a dog beach, then it will be so much easier for him to run around at the beach. Sand can be tuff to walk through don’t get us wrong. However, a lot of dog wheelchairs are heavy, break easily and don’t even roll well to begin with.

Your dog is worth it. Make sure you don’t end up with a dog wheelchair that is heavy, breaks easily and uncomfortable!

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