Largest Study Ever On Aging In Canines

aging in canines

Cats supposedly have nine lives, but unfortunately dogs do not. Hopefully, the one they do have will be prolonged in the near future. The life expectancy of a dog is much shorter than that of humans. Statistically small dogs live longer than large dogs. Dogs as well as cats develop issues that can lead to the use of a dog or cat wheelchair. 

CNN recently published an article that there will be the largest ever study on aging in canines. Researchers are hoping to study a group of 10,000 dogs and yours could be one of them. The National Institute of Aging is funding a team of researchers from a few colleges to conduct the study. 

Expanding the life of dogs

The researchers come from a vast area of fields. They want to expand the life of dogs, but also believe this will help in doing so for humans. Dogs live in our environment, have similar genetic makeup and unfortunately get the same diseases. This study could help in preventative medicine, recognizing signs of diseases and how to better treat them. Maybe diseases that contribute to the use of a dog wheelchair because of physical limitations will also be addressed. 

Who can apply?

Applications are officially open just visit the Dog Aging Project website. You will need to fill out a short questionnaire to provide more information about your dog and assess if they will be a good fit for the research. Any dog from any state in the United States is able to apply. 

What type of dogs do the researchers want?

The researchers are hoping for a wide array of diversity including breeds, age, size and location. This will help the researches better understand biological and environmental factors that lead to health problems. The researchers are allowing dog owners to partner and be citizen scientists to assist with the research. 

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