Top Puppy Playpen Brands

top puppy playpen brands

It only takes one second and your dog could be tearing something up, eating something he shouldn’t, getting hurt or even worse lost. A puppy playpen can be the perfect solution. 

What is a puppy playpen?

Essentially a puppy playpen is an enclosed area that gives your puppy the freedom to play while keeping him safe in a contained space. He will grow to love it if you make it feel like home. Put his food and water in there. Also, a bed or blanket and a dog toy or two. You love your dog but it’s impossible to keep your eye on him every second of the day. You could keep your dog in a crate all day, but would you really like that?

Things to consider when buying a puppy playpen?

There are many options to consider but the things to look at when choosing a puppy playpen are durable materials, the right size and height, easy set-up, portability and storage and the ability to customize. You need to also consider the space indoor or outdoor where it will be. Usually outdoor puppy playpens can be used inside but is not always true for indoor puppy playpens. 

Things to consider if you have a disabled dog

If your dog has some type of disability and uses a disabled dog wheelchair we would recommend a larger puppy playpen. Since a disabled dog wheelchair takes up more space your dog will appreciate the extra room to move around. 

Crate training is recognized as an effective way to housetrain your puppy. You puppy will soon realize that is his space and grow to like it. No pun intended! Ha You should keep your puppy in it overnight and when you are not at home. However, puppy playpens should not be used as a way to potty train.

Here are our top puppy playpen brands:

  • ToysOpoly
  • Frisco
  • BestPet
  • North States Pet
  • Petmate
  • Safstar
  • Zampa
  • Iris USA
  • MidWest Homes For Pets
  • Carlson
  • Richell
  • Precision Pet 
  • Adley 
  • Paws & Pals 

Buying a puppy playpen should definitely be one of the essentials you get right away. Not only will your puppy feel comfortable and secure in his own space, but you will have ease of mind that he and your house are okay. 

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