Super Cute Service Dogs You Should Follow On Instagram

service dogs on instagram

There are so many Instagram accounts you could follow. It seems like today people are creating accounts for every animal and kid they have these days. Some really cute dogs have grown a large following on social media. However, have you ever thought about following any service dogs? Here are a few of the cutest service dogs we have found. 

  • Archie (the_swedish_service_pup) service dog is a mix but looks a lot like a Cavalier King Charles. Either way he is super cute. He lives in Sweden and helps Nathalie with some of her issues including PAD, Autism and ADHD. 
  • Maui (servicedogmaui) is a Golden Retriever and Newfoundland mix service dog. Apparently, he loves going to Disneyland, but often times he has to accompany his best friend to doctors’ appointments…priorities first.
  • Mozart (magically.mozart) the service dog is a Golden Retriever and works at Disney World. Her best human friend is Rachel. They love going to the beach and in the water. Not a surprise, why can’t every day be a beach day? 
  • Raven (servicedograven) the service dog is a Dakota Sport Retriever that lives in Florida. He and his handler love going to the beach and in the water. How could you not, especially if you live in Florida!
  • Kaiya (service_dog_kaiya) is an adorable Golden Retriever service dog. She looks so pretty in pink too. The days she works really hard, she gets rewarded with vanilla ice cream. That’s one great reward, YUM!
  • Jordan (Jordan_the_super_dog)  is a mixed service dog. The only small dog on our list. However, as the saying goes, great things come in small packages!
  • Chester (chestertheweatherdog) is a Golden Retriever service dog. He is not only a therapy dog, but also a weather dog. The news can be so boring. There should be WAY more weather dogs!

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