Disabled Pet Product For Fish

disabled pet product for fish

That’s correct you read that right, a disabled pet product for fish. It’s actually a handicap wheelchair for fish! We have all probably heard about a dog wheelchair, but a fish wheelchair? We couldn’t believe it either at first, until we read how it works. 

Kim is a fish lover and one of his Gold Fish had a problem with their swim bladder. A swim bladder allows a fish to float, move forward and change directions. It is a gas filled organ, but can become damaged due to an intestinal parasite or constipation from overfeeding. 

What feature makes the fish wheelchair work? 

It’s the plastic straws. WOW, something bad to have end up in our oceans, actually still has a beneficial use for fish struggling to float! 

Each piece of straw has air in it. It replaces the function of a swim bladder to help the Gold Fish maintain buoyancy. Kim must be an engineer to have come up with this idea. He took pieces of a plastic straw and connected them to other material. It must have been hard to know exactly how much straw to use. Too much of the plastic straw would make his pet fish more buoyant than necessary. This would have caused it to float right to the top. 

We have no idea if he plans on making a business out of this handicap wheelchair for fish. But what a great way to recycle plastic straws!

Kim has shown some extraordinary kindness to help his Gold Fish live longer. The average Gold Fish lives 10 to 15 years. Hopefully, his scaly little friend has hope now to do the same! 

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