4 Reasons Your Dog Needs Toys

dog toys

1. Your Dog Needs Exercise

Dogs just like humans are meant to move. Dogs can develop health problems and also become over weight due to a lack of activity. Depending on the type of dog you have determines just how much exercise he needs. 

All dogs need some outdoor exposure and activity. A great way for your dog to play alone, with other dogs or with you is having dog toys. Even if a dog uses a dog wheelchair, he still needs exercise and probably loves dog toys. 

2. Your Dog Needs Mental Stimulation

Some dogs are lazy but most dogs love at least some exercise and mental stimulation. Playing with a dog toy gives him both. 

Some types of dogs such as the working breed or hunting breed require much more exercise. If dogs become bored or have a lack of exercise they can become destructive, disobedient and depressed. 

3. You and Your Dog Need To Bond

Playing with a dog toy helps for you and your dog to bond. Sometimes this can really help if you adopted your dog. It can help get his mind off of any stress he has gone through and start to enjoy his new home. 

If you have more than one dog at home this also helps for dogs to bond together and not just with their human companion. You can buy a dog rope with several knots for example. You hold on to one knot and two dogs can each tug away on another knot. 

4. Your Dog Needs Good Dental Health

This is often overlooked by dog owners. Although dogs don’t need their teeth cleaned as often as humans, they still need attention. You should have your dog’s teeth cleaned professionally. However, having dog toys such as ones that help to reduce plaque and tartar are great. This will reduce the frequency that your dog needs professional teeth cleaning, which can be costly. 

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