5 Signs Your Dog May Have Paraplegia

signs dog may have paraplegia

Paraplegia is common and not just in humans. Here are the five signs your dog may have paraplegia. 

  1. Your dog scrapes his nails against the floor when he walks. This happens because your dog is having a hard time lifting his legs and walking forward. 
  2. You dog starts to wobble when walking. This is typically seen more so in the rear legs. 
  3. Your dog has a harder time walking slowly than fast. Ataxia is a condition when your dog’s muscles are not strong enough or cannot contract the muscles correctly which makes it hard to walk.
  4. Your dog cannot hold his urine and feces. Your dog has nerves that are being affected which are needed to prevent your dog from going to the bathroom unconsciously. These nerves are being affected by the spinal cord. 
  5. Your dog drags his legs. He is unable to stand on all four legs and be stable. Usually there is a cervical issue if the dog has an issue with all four legs. The problem is usually in the back if only the hind legs are affected. 

The causes of paraplegia can vary. Sometimes this can be temporary, but other times it is permanent. Your dog may need medication, acupuncture, nutritional supplements and possibly surgery in order to recover. Dogs like to be active and are curious by nature. If your dog has mobility issues he can become depressed and a lack of exercise can cause weight gain. These things are not good for your dog’s health and mental state. 

A great option for many dogs with paraplegia is a dog wheelchair. Your dog’s mobility and sometimes full recovery may come from a dog wheelchair. There have been thousands of dogs helped every year with a dog wheelchair. However, the first thing to do is take your dog to the veterinarian to be properly diagnosed. Your veterinarian will take radiographs in order to diagnose the cause. Then proper treatment can be established. 

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