Big Dog Wheelchair vs Small Dog Wheelchair; What Are The Differences?

big dog wheelchair small dog wheelchair

The main difference between a big dog wheelchair vs small dog wheelchair is the size and the wheels. All of our dog wheelchairs range in size from XXS to XL and are made of the same materials. They are ultra-lightweight and not bulky like some other dog wheelchairs on the market. 

Measuring your dog is fast and easy. Simply measure from the floor to your dog’s back at its rear legs. Your dog’s rear legs should measure between 8 inches and 29 inches to ensure one of our dog wheelchairs will fit correctly. It really is that simple!

We offer three models of big dog and small dog wheelchairs

One notable difference between each of our three models (Full Support Dog Wheelchair, Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs and the SitGo Dog Wheelchair) are the wheel size and if the walking wheels for dogs are inflatable. The large and extra-large sizes come with inflatable rubber wheels. The extra extra small through medium have polyurethane wheels.

Polyurethane wheels can hold more weight, roll excellently and not mark floors. However, rubber wheels have great traction, cushioning, excellent on wet floors and do well at high speeds. We took these factors into consideration to choose the best wheels for a big dog wheelchair vs a small dog wheelchair. Neither polyurethane nor rubber wheels are the best in all situations. It’s just like cars and bicycles, there is no one tire that is best for all uses.  

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