What Is a Dog Cart?

dog pushing cart

This is not a dog cart. This is a dog pushing a cart! 🙂

A dog cart is sometimes referred to as a dog wheelchair. People also sometimes refer to a dog wagon or dog stroller as a dog cart. However, this term was originally used to refer to a horse that pulled a wagon with an area that held retriever dogs. These dog carts were used by people when they went hunting. 

dog cart

A dog cart was also used to describe a cart pulled by a dog to deliver goods. This was primarily in Belgium and the Netherlands and was banned in 1839. However, dog carts were also seen some in England and in the United States. 

dog cart

Dog carts changed rapidly and were fashion statements in the 19th century. There were four types the phaeton, curricle, chaise and cabriolet. They are all very similar, but not to be confused with a chariot. Chariot’s you stand in and date back to 2000 BC. Chariots were used for battle, but stopped being used by the 1st century AD. 

The phaeton, curricle, chaise and cabriolet were used in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century and were an open carriage that was pulled by one or two horses. One or two people could ride in them. The difference between each varied only by the shape of the carriage, the cover and sometimes the size. Unless you were a dog cart expert, you probably would never know the difference!

Dog wheelchairs also have different names.

These names include walking wheelchair for dogs and walking wheels for dogs. Dog wheelchairs are used for dogs that have front, rear or both front and rear leg mobility issues. These issues can be caused by old age, birth defects, accidents or other disorders that are both physical and also mental health related. 

Walking wheelchairs for dogs or walking wheels for dogs, come in both rear leg and quad support (front and rear leg support). One of the most respected names for dog wheelchairs is Best Friend Mobility. Their patented SitGo Dog Wheelchair is one of a kind. 

The SitGo Dog Wheelchair allows your dog to go from standing, to sitting or lying with ease. It uses a self-actuating spring tension system. Your dog can easily take a rest when he wants or even use the bathroom because of its design. 

SitGo Dog Wheelchair

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