Is a Paralyzed Dog Able To Walk Again?

paralyzed dog able to walk again

Yes, about 80% of paralyzed dogs are able to walk again. 

Often times a dog wheelchair also called a handicapped dog cart or dog harness with wheels is needed for the recovery process.  There are several factors that contribute to a dog being able to walk again. 

First  your dog needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian. 

Your dog’s posture, gait, feeling of pain and the muscles of the affect leg are evaluated. This is done to find the location of the injury. Your dog most likely has suffered some form of nerve damage. This is usually in the neck area or shoulders if a front leg is affected. When a back leg is affected, this is usually due to nerve roots in the spine or tailbone. 

It is more likely that a paralyzed dog is able to walk again when nerve damage is closer to the muscle.

 A condition called Horner Syndrome is when the pupil of the eye is small and the eyelid is partially closed on the affected side. The nerve roots have likely been torn and there is slim chance of recovery. 

A slipped disc can also cause paralysis in your dog 

This can be from a ruptured disc or degeneration of a disc. A ruptured disc can be caused by trauma and cause tearing of the annulus fibrosus. This is the tough circular exterior of the intervertebral disc that surrounds the soft inner core, which is the nucleus pulposus. 

Degeneration of a disc can be caused from premature aging. This is from progressive thickening of the dorsal part of the annulus fibrosus which puts pressure on the spinal cord. Degeneration can also result in stiffening of the disc as the semi-liquid center starts to dry. This causes the disc to lose its cushioning ability which results in pain. 

There are also other issues in dogs which can temporarily cause them not to be able to walk such as injury to the PCL, ACL or a broken leg. However, these things do not cause paralysis and dogs usually regain full mobility. 

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A dog wheelchair is also referred to as a handicap dog cart or wheels for handicap dogs. One of the common needs is for hip dysplasia. Our dog wheelchairs are for small and large breeds. Some of the breeds who commonly use our dog wheelchairs are a Dachshund (weiner dog or sausage dog), French Bulldog, Bulldog, Boxer Dog and a Pug Dog. 

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