What Is a Dog Wheelchair Harness?

dog wheelchair front harness

A dog wheelchair harness is what holds your dog in its dog wheelchair. Each of our three dog wheelchairs come with a front harness and two types of rear harness.

Three Types Of Dog Wheelchairs

Each of our three dog wheelchairs come with a front harness, sports rear harness and basic rear harness. These harnesses come with our Full Support Dog Wheelchair, Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs and the SitGo Dog Wheelchair. 

Each harness is easy to use and  that is why it is quick to get your dog in and out of our dog wheelchairs. You first place your dog’s rear legs in one of the rear harnesses. We suggest using the basic rear harness first. It has more support and will stabilize the rear legs until your dog becomes comfortable walking in his dog wheelchair. 

dog wheelchair basic rear harness

The sport rear harness is for dog’s that have become used to their dog wheelchair and also have more strength in their rear legs. A dog pushes off really hard with their back legs especially when running and this harness gives your dog the mobility to do so. We don’t suggest using the rear leg straps with the sport rear harness. It is best to use the basic rear harness when using the rear leg straps. 

dog wheelchair sports rear harness

The rear leg straps are used only when your dog has no use of their back legs. Also, if your dog has an injury only in one rear leg and you need to stabilize it. In this case you can keep the healthy rear leg down if your dog is more comfortable in this position.  The rear leg straps are meant to hold your dog’s legs up and back to prevent them from dragging on the ground when moving. The placement of the rear legs while strapped in puts your dog in a better position to move forward with their front legs. Just make sure to adjust the length of the rear leg straps to a comfortable position depending on the length of their legs.  

dog wheelchair rear leg straps

Mobility Of Your Dog In a Dog Wheelchair

Depending on your dog’s issue and their strength factor into how easy they will be able to move in their dog wheelchair. You will need to test which way your dog is able to move better. He could possibly like one rear leg down or both up. If your dog has some use of their rear legs then you will need to test if the basic rear harness or sports rear harness will work best for the long term. 

Try each way a few times and don’t get frustrated. Some dogs take to their dog wheelchair right away and others it can take a few weeks. The most important thing to remember is that in time your dog should be able to be more mobile and have a better quality of life. Take your time and be patient. 

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