13 Benefits To Raising a Child With a Dog

benefits to raising child with dog

1. Reduces allergies and builds your child’s immune system 

Research has shown kids that raising a child with a dog reduces the likelihood that your child develops allergies. Also, having a dog helps to build their immune system. This is because dogs expose them to more germs from their bodies. All of us would constantly be sick if our bodies were not exposed to germs because our bodies wouldn’t be able to develop a healthy immune system. 

2. Lowers the chance of your child being over weight

 Everyone needs to be motivated. Children these days are way less likely to be found outside versus sitting in front of a tv. Having a dog gives a child a reason to get outside and be active.

3. Children with disabilities are more active 

This helps to motivate children with disabilities when they have a dog to play with. There are also dogs with disabilities and they too need exercise. Often times they use a dog wheelchair to give them mobility. Being active is good for everyone’s health even those  with disabilities. 

4. Lowers stress and anxiety in your child

 Studies show that having a dog lowers stress and anxiety in children. Many adults get a dog to have as an emotional support animal, for example people that suffer from PTSD.

5. Helps Improve your child’s reading skills

benefits to raising child with dog

Kids like to read to dogs and will help improve their reading skills. For a child that doesn’t like to read, this can be a great way to get them to do so. 

6. Improves your child’s social skills

Socialize your child with dogs and your dog with children makes them both more social and improves their social skills. 

7. Teaches your child Kindness and Gentleness 

Your child will learn how to behave and treat a dog. Small kids especially can play too rough, pull and hit dogs. This can also teach them how to play with other children. Instilling good habits at a young age is important.

8. Play dress up with your child 

We all love cute kids and dogs. We definitely love kids and dogs in costumes. Why not do a theme with both for Halloween!

9. Teaches your child responsibility

It may be something small such as filling their dogs food and water bowls. However, giving your child responsibility is a great way for them to learn discipline and be well behaved. 

10. Helps keep your house clean

Kids spill everything and dogs eat everything. This is a perfect match to help keep your house clean! 

11. Gets your family outside

Dogs need exercise. Face it in this day and age it’s so easy to be consumed with electronics and sit all day. Having a dog gets your family more active and outside in nature. Both of which are great for your health.

12. Protects your family 

Well depending on the type of dog you have they may not be a great body guard. However, most dogs will at least notify you of potential danger by barking. Even if there is no danger, at least they will be a great doorbell!

13. Teaches your child life’s hardest lesson       

Death is probably the most difficult thing to teach a child. However, this is something  every one of us will face at some point in our lives. It can be a great lesson in the importance of being present, enjoying the little things in life and not taking people for granted. Teach them to go on living and loving another dog. Especially since there are so many dogs without a home that could be adopted!

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