Increase Your Dog’s Health & Your Child’s; 8 Tips For Raising Them Together

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1. Establish a routine

Kids and dogs both like routines. Having a routine helps develop good habits for kids and dogs. Also, it gives your dog something to look forward to such as a treat after an afternoon walk.  

2. Get your child involved in dog training

  Your dog should be taught how to behave and how to act around children. Your child should also learn how to act around your dog. Having your child be involved with the dog training will help your dog bond with your child. This may be more successful if you hire a dog trainer. 

3. Get a reliable dog walker

This may be something you need only when you go on vacation or it may be on a more permanent basis. This depends on if you have a puppy who needs to go to the bathroom a lot or maybe because you work late. 

4. Provide activities

Having toys for your dogs and kids will keep them both entertained. We can’t guarantee for how long, but hopefully it will give you a short break. 

5. Get a video camera

Maybe you can use a baby monitor, security camera or an interactive camera. Either one will give you piece of mind and depending on your dog they may like the attention while you are gone. An interactive camera allows you to talk to your dog, some can dispense a treat and others have lasers to use as a game.  

6. Get outdoors

A backyard is an option for a safe and fun place for you, your child and your dog to play. It may be the place you can provide activities for both, so you can have a break. You don’t want your dog lying down all day, just like you wouldn’t want your child. This is good for your dog’s health and your child’s. 

7. Schedule play dates

This can be play dates for both your child and your dog. Their play date can be other children, other dogs or both. Kids and dogs have a lot of energy, let them burn it off together. This is another great thing for your dog’s health and your child’s, as long as they all aren’t just sitting around. 

8. Have some down time

In the evening especially, get away from all electronics and just talk and cuddle with your kid and dog. This will help all of you sleep easier at night. Research has shown detaching from electronics before bed helps you to fall asleep. This will also give you a chance to have a conversation with your kid and cuddle with both. 

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