Dog Wheelchairs; Common Misconceptions Explained

Misconception #1: Very few breeds of dogs ever need a dog wheelchair. 

Every breed of dog could end up needing a dog wheelchair due to an injury such as jumping off the bed. There are common breeds of dogs such as a Dachshund that is prone to back problems. A larger breed of dog like a Golden Retriever would be more prone to hip dysplasia, since it is more common in larger dogs. 

Misconception #2: If you have a big dog they won’t use a dog wheelchair. 

This is not true. All breeds of dogs even large breeds such as a Great Dane can use one of our dog wheelchairs. Our dog wheelchairs come with a comfort harness which is ideal for heavier dogs. Also, it is ultra-lightweight which is an added benefit, especially if your dog is overweight. This reduces any unnecessary strain on your dog. Check out how happy this big guy is in his dog wheelchair!

dog wheelchair for back legs

Misconception #3: Rehabilitation won’t work if your dog uses a dog wheelchair. 

Dogs would prefer not to use a dog wheelchair to move around. However, during the rehabilitation process they realize their limitation and want to use their dog wheelchair. This motivates the dog to want to be active and helps them to rehabilitate. Exercise helps to strengthen your dog’s muscles. Hopefully, your dog will be strong enough again depending the issue to not always use it. 

Misconception #4: If you have an older dog they won’t be able to use a dog wheelchair. 

We have seen dogs that are in their teens use our dog wheelchairs. One of the main reasons older dogs are euthanized is their inability to go to the bathroom themselves. Please don’t have this happen to your dog. Many dogs are not in pain they just have mobility issues. Our dog wheelchairs will help with this. The full support dog wheelchair, dog wheelchair for back legs and the patented SitGo Dog Wheelchair were all designed specially to be able to use the bathroom. Check out this cute old guy. He’s definitely not a puppy anymore, but he still loves to run around!

SitGo Dog Wheelchair

Misconception #5: A dog wheelchair will prevent your dog from getting exercise. 

It is the opposite. Getting a dog wheelchair for your dog will allow them to get needed exercise. Being active will help your dog stay healthy, maintain a good weight and decrease the chance of depression. Depression is common in dogs that do not get enough exercise. 

About The Author

Performance Dog Wheelchairs wants you to know that physical limitations are not the end to mobility. Our purpose is to give others and their dogs the ability to seek new adventures and overcome physical challenges with one of our handicapped dog carts.

We offer a full support dog wheelchair, a dog wheelchair for back legs and the patented SitGo Dog Wheelchair which is also for the hind legs. This is the only one on the market that allows your dog to go from standing to sitting without having to remove it. 

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