Why You Should Get a Dog DNA Test

dog DNA test

You adopted a dog and you were told he was a Lasa Apso mix. Wait a minute, how do you know he’s not a Shih Tzu mix? You don’t know for sure unless you get a dog DNA test.

  • The idea of not knowing for sure what bread your dog is drives you crazy. Does your wandering mind keep you up at night wonder what possible breeds produced such a beautiful mix of hair colors?
  • You are sick of people asking you what breed is your dog. It sucks having to start your reply with “well he’s adopted and I was told he is a Lasa Apso mix, but he may actually be a Shih Tzu mix. 
  • Knowing what breed your dog is will better prepare you for possible future health problems, due to genetic predispositions of certain breeds. Some breeds of dogs such as the dachshund are prone to back problems. They may eventually need a dog wheelchair because of this. 
  • Getting a dog DNA test will also tell you of any issues your dog may currently have, but you are unaware since there are no signs yet. This gives you a chance to take your dog to a veterinarian before any conditions get worse. Often times catching something earlier such as cancer makes all the difference. 
  • Some DNA tests such as the Wisdom Panel 3.0 Dog DNA Test will tell you of any sensitivity to medications your dog may have. This is the test that we actually recommend and no we don’t get any money for promoting them. 
  • Maybe you can’t decide on a name for your dog. Knowing what breed he is may help you come up with the perfect name.  
  • You may be shocked by how many different breeds actually make up your beautifully unique looking dog. Now it all makes sense why he has the colors, face, size and the great personality that he does!

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