Your Check List For Choosing An Orthopedic Dog Bed

orthopedic dog bed

Choosing a quality orthopedic dog bed is important. Sleep is one of the most important things for anybody to maintain good health. Not only older dogs, but also dogs with mobility issues including those that use wheels for handicapped dogs benefit from an orthopedic dog bed. Below are important things to consider before making your purchase so your dog will have reduced pain and increased comfort while sleeping.

  • Easy to wash

Some orthopedic dog beds are made from materials that don’t with stand wear and tear very easily. You want the material to be comfortable, but durable. Choosing a removable cover would be best. This way the foam maintains its shape. Also, the larger size orthopedic dog beds may not fit in your washer. 

  • Non-Skid Bottom

This is a great feature especially for dogs that have mobility issues. Getting in and out of the bed will be easier since it won’t move when your dog tries to get in and out. This is especially important if the bed will be on a surface other than carpet. 

  • Water resistant

Dogs with mobility issues sometimes have trouble waiting to use the bathroom. It is important to get a bed that is water resistant. It will be much easier to clean. 

  • Spacious 
orthopedic dog bed

If your dog is in between the weight and size of the measurements of two beds, opt for the bigger size. You want the bed to be a little larger than your dog. This will allow him to stretch out without going over the bed. 

  • Pillow like edge around the bed 

Orthopedic dog beds are made both with and without a pillow around the edge of the bed. This should be obvious, since you probably wouldn’t want to sleep without a pillow. Your dog most likely would prefer not to either. Also, if your dog has tetraplegia for example, they may prefer sleeping with their head more up right. 

  • Has memory foam that is thick

Some makers of these beds use very thin foam which wears out quickly. Especially in heavier dogs this can be a problem. Choose a bed that has a few inches of memory foam. It will be more comfortable and supportive on your dogs joints.  

  • Prices range between $40 to $250

This  depends a lot on the company and the size of the bed. Remember, as the saying goes…you get what you pay for!  

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