The SitGo Dog Wheelchair, How Does It Work?

SitGo Dog Wheelchair

The SitGo Dog Wheelchair is truly one of a kind. It is the only dog wheelchair on the market that allows your dog to go from standing to sitting or lying with ease. What is truly remarkable is that your dog is able to do this on their own. How is this possible?

It is with the patented revolutionary self-actuating function. It is a spring tension system that allows dogs with bad back legs to transition from standing, to sitting or lying smoothly. 

SitGo Dog Wheelchair

What takes place is your dog moves backward in the dog wheelchair pushing the left and right wheel arms back. The wheel arms then put pressure on the bottom rubber stopper moving it forward and under the wheels. This allows your dog to lower to a seated position or to lye down. 

To get back up your dog stands and starts moving forward. This moves the rubber stopper backward and under the wheels lifting the rubber stopper off the ground. This allows the wheels to move again which your dog can then walk forward. 

The revolutionary self-actuating function moves smoothly forward and backward allowing your dog to function as if he were not in the dog wheelchair, which includes going to the bathroom. The SitGo Dog Wheelchair was designed to be able to stay on, be able to rest and to use the bathroom. This patented dog wheelchair’s performance will allow you and your dog to enjoy many adventures together with less hassle. 

Sizing Is Easy With The SitGo Dog Wheelchair

Speaking of less hassle, all you have to do is measure from the floor to your dog’s back at its rear legs to choose the right size. It really is that simple! The SitGo Dog Wheelchair comes in XS, S, M and L accommodating all sizes and breeds of dogs. 

The self-actuating spring tension system can easily be adjusted depending on your dog’s weight. All you have to do is adjust one socket screw while rotating the spring adjuster. The necessary tools are included.

If you are looking for a high performance dog wheelchair that will give your dog more mobility and you less hassle, the SitGo Dog Wheelchair is for you! 

About The Author

Performance Dog Wheelchairs wants you to know that physical limitations are not the end to mobility. Our purpose is to give others and their dogs the ability to seek new adventures and overcome physical challenges with one of our handicapped dog carts.

We offer a full support dog wheelchair, a dog wheelchair for back legs and the patented SitGo Dog Wheelchair which is also for the hind legs. This is the only one on the market that allows your dog to go from standing to sitting without having to remove it. 

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