Types of vomiting in dogs; Know When To Visit Your Vet

types of vomiting in dogs

We know that this is not the most glamorous topic to talk about. However, knowing the types of vomiting in dogs is important.

Did your dog vomit or regurgitate?

Vomiting – more violent type of dog puke which involves heaving, can contain partially digested food, can contain yellow bile and smells sour

Regurgitation – less violent type of dog throw up which does not involve heaving, contains undigested food from the esophagus, usually happens after eating 

Different Types Of Dog Vomit

types of vomiting in dogs

Granular – semi-liquid, small granular partially digested food, blood could be visible, usually something that he ate

Chunky – larger pieces of food seen, happens shortly after eating, the reason usually is the dog ate too quickly, was running right after easting or that he ate something bad

Liquid – can be foamy and thick, may appear yellow or clear, symptoms can appear like kennel cough and not food related 

Visit your Veterinarian if your dog:

  • Is a puppy or geriatric
  • Projectile vomiting – there can possibly be an obstruction
  • Has continuous or frequent vomiting
  • Continually tries to vomit but does not – this can be a sign of bloat which can be deadly
  • Vomit contains blood or foreign objects
  • Is lethargic
  • Not urinating much – sign of dehydration
  • Has an enlarged or tender stomach – only in serious cases
  • Does not eat
  • Drinks and then throws up
  • Has other medical conditions
  • Has diarrhea and vomiting – dehydration can quickly occur
  • Overall unhealthy appearance – can include weight and muscle loss 

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