Tips To Prevent Common Health Issues In Dogs 

common health issues in dogs

Here are common health issues in dogs that can be avoided with a few helpful tips. Common dog problems can be avoided with nutrition, exercise and looking after your dog’s body. 

Find an excellent veterinarian

Just like choosing your own doctor. You should go to a vet that you trust and feel comfortable with. Research online and read reviews. 

Keep up with your dogs dental hygiene 

Brush your dog’s teeth at least when you bath them. Have your dog’s teeth cleaned by a vet whenever they recommend it. Professional teeth cleaning gets under the gums where most problems occur. 

Feed your dog high quality food 

Organic and even plant based food can be the easiest to digest, especially for dogs with gastrointestinal issues. If budget is an issue possibly cooking food for your dog could be an option. However, there are some dry dog foods that are healthy and not too expensive if you look.  

Don’t overfeed your dog

Obesity can lead to a number of common health problems in dogs. Give your dog the recommended amount of cups of food daily. If you have a large dog breed, multiple feedings per day are best. 

Consider supplements

Supplements can be great to optimize health and manage health issues. Supplements such as glucosamine for dogs, Chondroitin and MSN are great for joint health. This is in addition to flea, tick and heartworm medication which all dogs should be using. The only exception is if you live in an area where heartworm is not an issue. Flea and tick medication should always be given. 

Be informed about conditions and therapies available for dogs

Certain types of dogs are prone to certain conditions such as hip dysplasia. There are certain conditions that are more prone to older dogs such as arthritis. Massages and acupuncture can be great for older dogs or dogs with mobility issues.  

Give your dog enough exercise 

common health issues in dogs

The amount of exercise should vary depending on your dog’s age, size and breed. Some dogs need and like more exercise than others. 

Keep your dog groomed and their living space clean

Bathing, teeth cleaning, washing toys and bedding are all important things for proper hygiene and for disease prevention such as parvovirus. Keeping your dog’s ears clean helps to prevent infection. Trimming your dog’s nails helps to maintain good posture and helps to prevent join issues. Cleaning your dog’s paws after they have been outside helps to reduce parasites and exposure to harmful chemicals such as pesticides. 

Provide activities such as games and trips to keep them stimulated and happy 

Do you live near a beach? If so, maybe you have a dog beach nearby. Go play fetch at the beach with your dog. This would be one example of a family activity to keep everyone active and get some natural Vitamin D. 

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