How To Treat  Luxating Patella In Dogs 

how to treat luxating patella in dogs

What is a luxating patella?

Luxating patella is when your dog’s knee cap moves out of place from the groove where it should be. The patella (knee cap) sits in a groove made of cartilage at the end of the femur. When the muscle contracts it pulls on the tendon and the patella which extends the stifle joint. The cause can be genetic, congenital or from an accident. 

How to treat patellar luxation in dogs

how to treat luxating patella in dogs

Treatment for a luxating patella depends on the grade of luxation (dislocation) which is based on a grade of 1 through 4. Pain and anti-inflammatory medication are usually prescribed. Managing your dog’s weight is important to avoid stress on the joints. Exercise restrictions are usually set in place. Physical therapy may also be beneficial to help rebuild muscle and be more mobile. 

For Grade 3 and 4 patellar luxation surgery is usually recommended. Significant lameness and pain are usually why surgery is needed. Sometimes veterinarians recommend surgery for grade 2. However, different veterinarians have different views. 

What does patellar luxation surgery correct?

Depending on your dog the surgery may deepen the groove on the femur (thighbone) where the kneecap sits, move the joint more laterally that attaches the kneecap (patella) to the shinbone (tibia) or reinforce the knee joint’s soft tissue. If both of your dog’s hind legs are affected, the surgery is done on the worst knee first. This allows for easier recovery and the ability to still be mobile. 

Many dogs don’t even need surgery with a little rest and sometimes physical therapy. However, if your dog does need surgery the recovery time is only a few months before they will be back to normal. 

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