How To Get Your Dog To Take a Pill; Do You know?

How to make a dog take a pill is usually not easy. However, the below tips are proven ways to make the process much easier. 

Speak to your veterinarian

Medications may be pill, liquid or in a capsule. Liquids are easier to get your dog to take and can be flavored. There are also chewable flavored meds. Compounded meds are when the pill is crushed and put into a flavored form. However, the effectiveness can be an issue for some medications and veterinarians may not recommend this option.  

Open the pill bottle away from your dog

Dogs are smart and they may not know what a pill bottle is the first time. However, they will for sure after the first time, so it’s better to just open the bottle away from your dog. 

Wash your hands

A dog’s sense of smell is way stronger than ours. However you prepare your dog’s meds, make sure to wash your hands before administering it. This will help them not recognize the smell of the mediation inside the good stuff. 

Mix it in with your dogs food 

how to get your dog to take a pill

This works really well for crushed pills in soft food since it can easily be mixed. 

Put the pill in a treat

Peanut butter, plain yogurt, pieces of hot dog, cheese and marshmallows are some of the best foods to hide a pill in. You can also buy pill pockets. They are treats that fold around a pill so your dog won’t know. 

How to give a dog a pill if they are really stubborn?

We suggest you still give your dog a pill inside some other food as mentioned above. However, some dogs are super smart especially if they have to take medication regularly and hate it. These suggestions help to distract your dog of the fact they are being given medication. 

Multiple treats with one of the treats with the pill

This is less noticeable since your dog is receiving multiple treats without a pill too.

Give the pill with a treat while on a walk

Maybe you normally give your dog a treat after a walk so they know it’s coming. If not, this would come as a pleasant surprise while they are already enjoying themself on a walk. 

Trick for a treat 

Does your dog do any tricks? Hopefully, they at least know how to sit and you can reward them afterward with a pill masked with a treat.

Pretend to eat it

Dogs always seem to want whatever it is we are eating. Surprise them with a pill hidden in a treat or food while you are eating. Make sure it’s believable that they are getting some of what you are eating. 

Give another dog or other pets treats or food first 

Your dog that needs to take their meds will be jealous of the other pets. Give them their pill masked in a treat or food last. Their anticipation will have them scarfing down their meds in no time. 

Using one of these methods should work and will avoid you having to use a pill dispenser or forcing pills down your dog’s throat. By the way, we don’t recommend this as some people have been accidentally bitten. 

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