IVDD Treatment For Dogs

IVDD treatment for dogs

IVDD Treatment For Dogs varies depending on your dog’s symptoms. A veterinary exam usually includes a neurological exam, x-rays and or other images to be taken such as a myelogram, CT scan and MRI. These are done to locate the spinal injury. There are both surgical and non surgical options for treating IVDD in dogs. 

IVDD dog treatment without surgery   

IVDD treatment for dogs
  • Oral anti-inflammatory medications or steriods are often given for mild  to moderate symptoms. These will help reduce swelling and pain. 
  • Cage restrictions can be in place for up to six weeks, but improvements can often be seen within 48 hours.
  • Dietary care should be given by your veterinarian to help your dog maintain their weight to alleviate added stress on your dog’s spine. 
  • Physical therapy for dogs with slipped discs can help your dog if they have mild to moderate symptoms or if your dog is recovering from surgery. 
  • Laser therapy for dogs with IVDD with mild symptoms may be enough to alleviate pain and heal your dog. 
  • Surgery is recommended if they show any signs of neurological dysfunction. 

IVDD Surgery

  • Severe cases surgery may be required to remove the material within the disc causing the pain in the spine.
  • Surgery success is more likely if your dog has not lost the ability to walk and if surgery is done shortly after the diagnosis. 
  • A dog wheelchair is usually recommended if the surgery is not successful. This will allow your dog to still live a happy and healthy life by still being active.

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