IVDD Prevention For Your Dog

IVDD Prevention

Below are several tips for IVDD dogs prevention. If your dog already has IVDD symptoms then these tips are especially important.

Prevent jumping

Jumping includes on and off furniture or your dog’s front legs onto a table. 

Avoid stairs

Going up and down stairs puts additional strain on your dog’s back which is not good. 

Trim nails

Trimming your dog’s nails short keeps their paws flat which will help to eliminate undo stress on joints and help with stability. This is often an unknown IVDD prevention.

Quality diet

IVDD Prevention

Food that includes Omega 3 Fatty Acids and other anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries are good for your dog. However, certain foods that are anti-inflammatory are toxic to dogs and should not be eaten such as chocolate. 

Joint supplements

Glucosamine, Chrondroitin and MSN which are good for humans to preserve cartilage in your joints, has been shown to also provide the same benefits for dogs. CBD oil also can be beneficial for your dog to help reduce pain and inflammation. 

Non-slip mats

This may be a good option if your dog has trouble standing when getting out of their bed. This will help to stabilize them while standing and prevent slipping. 

Non-slip paw covers

Non-slip paw covers come in different versions such as Grippers and paw pads. They are great if your dog has trouble with stability in general. It also helps to keep their paws clean. It can also help if your dog has allergies and licks their paws since it will keep their feet cleaner. 

Use a harness

IVDD Prevention

A collar pulls on the neck and can cause damage to the spine. A harness helps to prevent your dog from pulling and you pull them from their body, not their neck. 

Orthopedic beds

IVDD Prevention

A good night sleep is one of the most important things for you and your dog alike. An orthopedic dog bed is well cushioned and will alleviate some of the pressure on sore joints. It also should have a cushion around the outside for your dog to lay their head on. Cervical pain (neck pain) can be alleviated by your dog keeping their head elevated. 

Raise food bowls 

Cervical pain (neck pain) can be alleviated by your dog keeping their head elevated, just like while sleeping. 

Maintain a healthy weight

IVDD Prevention

Moderate exercise is important to help maintain your dog’s weight and is overall good for their health. Being overweight puts additional stress on joints, which can cause more pain and trouble with mobility. 

Get a dog stroller

You may think this is too much or not know what this is. However, these are becoming more and more popular, not even for dog’s who have IVDD symptoms. Many people use a dog stroller for smaller dogs that cannot walk that far so they can take them on longer walks.

Get gates and ramps

Gates are a good option to prevent your dog from using stairs. Ramps are good to deter your dog from jumping on and off furniture. 

Don’t over-vaccinate

There is controversy amongst veterinarians as to how often dogs and cats should be vaccinated. However, one thing is clear: giving too many vaccines at once can harm your pets immune system and do more harm than good. If there are several vaccines your dog or cat needs, then they should be spread out. 

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