What Are The Challenges Of Owning a Dog?

challenges of owning a dog

The challenges of owning a dog definitely don’t outweigh the benefits. However, it’s still good to be prepared for some of the challenges you may face. 

Trying To Escape

This can be more of a tendency when you first get your dog since they don’t know you well. The bond of friendship has not fully developed. Some dogs however are prone to trying to escape always. They probably aren’t running away; they just escaped your yard to chase the neighbor’s cat. However, you need to ensure this doesn’t happen because this can be dangerous because they can get lost or even killed. 

Separation Anxiety 

Dogs face separation anxiety just like humans can. An example to ease the anxiety is providing them toys to keep them entertained while you are gone. There are different ways to treat Separation anxiety in dogs.

Rearranging Your House

challenges of owning a dog

You may come home from work one day and find your favorite pair of shoes destroyed, things out of place and perhaps even missing. If your dog is a puppy this can be normal and obedience training is necessary. However, separation anxiety can be the underlying cause, but you need to know the signs of separation anxiety in dogs

Unexpected Costs

The largest unexpected costs of having a furry friend are medical issues. Dogs as they get older tend to have more health issues. However, accidents can happen such as tearing an ACL jumping off the couch or getting an ear infection. We recommend you consider getting pet health insurance, especially if you are unable to take on the financial burden.

Spontaneity Gone

Forget about deciding not to come home after work or sleeping in. Remember you own a dog, right? Well, they need to go to the bathroom at least three times a day. If they are a puppy it’s usually every two hours. Having a bathroom schedule hinders spontaneity. You don’t like to hold it when you can’t go to the bathroom right away. Think about how your dog feels because he may not be so willing to hold it. 

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