What To Know Before Starting Your Dog Or Cat On Supplements

What To Know Before Starting Your Dog Or Cat On Supplements

Many people take dietary supplements and an increasing number of those people are starting to give them to their pets. Vitamins, fatty acids, probiotics and Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM are the most common. Below are some important things to know before starting your dog or cat on supplements.

Know what is in your pet’s food first

By giving your dog supplements you may exceed the recommended daily limit already found in what your dog or cat is eating. For example, your pet may get enough fatty acids in their food already and adding Omega Fatty Acids to their diet may lead to weight gain.   

Introduce a new supplement slowly

Although an adverse reaction is not common with natural supplements, some veterinarians recommend starting with less than the recommended daily allowance. This will avoid any chance of an adverse reaction your pet may have. If you do think your dog or cat has a reaction contact your veterinarian immediately.  

Don’t give your pet a human supplement

Human supplements may contain similar ingredients, but some may not be intended for animals. Also, pet supplements are specially formulated for a dog or cats’ digestive system which is not the same as ours.

Size of your pet and the supplement

Make sure that you are reading the label carefully to know how many times per day and the amount you should be giving your pet based on their weight.

Not all supplements are created equally

Choose products that have the NASC Quality Seal. This lets you know the products come from a responsible company that has passed a facility audit, maintains ongoing compliance standards with NASC which include strict guidelines for quality assurance, adverse reaction reporting and labeling standards.

Ask yourself these things, because they are important things to know before starting your dog or cat on supplements.

What To Know Before Starting Your Dog Or Cat On Supplements

It’s great if you are health conscious and it’s also great that you are for your pet. However, consider the below before doing so.

Vitamins – Has your veterinarian stated from blood work that your pet is deficient in one or more vitamin? If so, it is probably best to supplement with that one vitamin, not necessarily a multi-vitamin. This can cause health issues if your pet has too much of a certain vitamin that they are not deficient in.  

Omega Fatty Acids – This is probably not necessary and can lead to weight gain if your dog or cat is already getting adequate healthy fats from their food. However, Omega Fatty Acids are great for helping with hair loss and to have a healthy coat. Just be carefully if you notice weight gain you should cut back on the amount or stop.  

Probiotics Probiotics for pets are a great supplement. A healthy gut biome is essential for proper digestion, to help with any gastric issues and to strengthen the immune system.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM – This is also a great supplement for all pets. Although some controversy does exist around the benefits to help alleviate pain, keep joints, tendons, ligaments and bones strong. Humans have expressed for years that their joints move more easily and have reduced pain from Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. In pets you can see it in their gate and also less signs of them being in pain.

CBD for pets – Another supplement that is growing in popularity because of its benefits. CBD for pets has been shown to induce sleep, help you to relax, reduce anxiety, help with pain and inflammation. You can read more about CBD for pets here.

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