How Dogs Affect Your Mental Health 

how dogs affect your mental health

How dogs affect your mental health can be seen in many forms, not only mentally but also physically. Here are some of the ways they can help you.  

Helps you mentally 

If you suffer from depression, anxiety or stress a dog helps you to be more active. Exercise helps with all these things. Having a dog to cuddle and pet has a calming effect. Kids with ADHD and autism can also benefit from a dog. 

Helps with loneliness 

The responsibilities of having a dog can give you a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of purpose. Having purpose is another way how dogs affect your mental health.

Makes you play

Exercise is great but so is just playing. These days everyone is rushing from one thing to the next. Taking some time to just toss a ball with your dog helps you to relax and not take everything so seriously. 

Gets you outside

Most of us can easily admit that we spend too much time using screens. Between work, keeping up with social media or what’s new on Netflix, we don’t get out in nature as much. Dogs definitely only have this problem if they are stuck in the house watching you staring at a screen. Most dogs would love to be outside more with you.  

Gives you unconditional love 

how dogs affect your mental health

No matter what you do a dog shows unconditional love. Many times we can feel isolated, misunderstood or have trouble relating to others. A dog always seems to understand you and has no bad intentions. 

Makes you be more social

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere. It’s hard to walk outside with your dog and not run into someone else with a dog. Dog’s always want to smell and play with each other. If you walk by others that don’t have a dog, often you will find them asking if they can pet your dog, especially kids. What an easy way to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Humans are social creatures and we need human interaction to be mentally healthy. 

Pets and how they affect human health are not only seen in people who have dogs. Other animals too can provide some of these benefits.

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