Why Won’t My Dog Use Stairs? Possible Reasons 

why won't my dog use stairs

You should ask yourself this question, but also ask a few others to better assess the situation. A puppy may just have fear of the stairs since it’s something new. However, if your dog is older and they just all of a sudden stopped using the stairs, it is probably something else. Signs include hesitation to put a paw on the first step, sitting at the bottom of the stairs or barking and whining when you went upstairs.

Possible reasons your dog won’t use stairs

why won't my dog use stairs
  • Vision loss – As dogs age their vision deteriorates. Depth perception becomes affected. 
  • An injury – A leg or back injury may make it difficult for your dog to use the stairs. You may need to assist them in going up the stairs and they may need some type of brace or support device. It may even be best to avoid the stairs until their injury heals. Getting a gate for the stairs would be the best option. 
  • Loss Of Balance – This can be due to several factors such as an injury, arthritis, a loss of a limb or an underlying health condition. Any of these factors can be painful and cause mobility issues such as the loss of balance. 
  • Age – muscles deteriorate as we age and is no different than in dogs. Same goes for the loss of cartilage and flexibility, all of which make it harder to use the stairs.
  • Anxiety – Some dogs are naturally more fearful than others. If you have adopted a dog you don’t know what experiences they went through before they were a part of your family. An accident on the stairs can have any dog scared to use the stairs again. 

If your dog has mobility issues, it may be the safest option to block off the stairs. Only allow your dog to use the stairs with supervision or possibly not at all. If you can’t clearly figure out the reason, it’s best to contact a veterinarian. They can examine your dog for possible causes. Remember each dog is different and peace of mind is so important. 

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