Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Stairs? How To Overcome Their Fear Of Stairs 

why is my dog afraid of stairs
  • Clear off the steps – Don’t have anything that can be a distraction or an obstacle for your dog. More importantly having things on the stairs are dangerous not only for your dog, but anyone else too because you can trip. 
  • Distract your dog – Stand below your dog or above them and offer a treat or a toy that is just out of reach until they go up or down a stair. You can also try tossing a treat or a toy up the stairs and see if your dog will go get it.  Always use positive reinforcement. 
  • One Step At a Time – Put your dog on the first step and see if they will go up or down to start. Also, you sitting on the steps above or below them can help distract them from the entire staircase which can be overwhelming and help to reassure them. 
  • Turn on a light – Stairs can be dark. Have a light on so your dog can see each step well. This is really beneficial for a dog that has vision problems. 
  • Help your dog – If your dog has mobility issues it is best to help them or stand beside them. Being beside your dog often can give your dog the confidence they need that everything will be ok.
  • Block off the stairs – Assisting dogs on stairs may not end up being the best option. In this case you may need to block off the stairs with a gate. A dog may need to be kept from using the stairs or only with your assistance. 
  • Other options – get carpet on the stairs or a runner to provide better traction or get a ramp. A ramp is only for a few stairs and isn’t practical or safe for tall stairs and stairs that are not straight.
why is my dog afraid of the stairs

Depending on your situation you may find more than one of these tips beneficial. Just remember if your dog has mobility issues, it may be the safest option to block off the stairs. Only allow your dog to use the stairs with supervision or possibly not at all. 

Remember each dog is different and peace of mind is so important. If your dog is healthy but still has issues with stairs after trying these tips, you may want to contact a dog trainer or your veterinarian for possible health issues. 

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