What Is a Spinal Stroke In Dogs?

spinal strokes in dogs

A spinal stroke in dogs is medically known as Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE). This occurs when there is a blockage in a blood vessel in the spinal cord. This can cause immediate paralysis in one or more of your dog’s legs. 

Spinal stroke in dogs symptoms

spinal strokes in dogs
  • Severe pain that comes and goes quickly
  • Partial or full paralysis in one or more legs
  • Dog walks awkwardly or wobbly 
  • Dog appears weak in posture

Physical Therapy for Spinal stroke recovery 

laser therapy for dogs
  • Stretching which helps with mobility and flexibility
  • Hydrotherapy with underwater treadmill 
  • Laser Therapy For Dogs which helps with blood flood and pain management for example
  • Acupuncture which helps with blood flood and pain management also
  • Exercise in moderation depending on your dog’s ability and breed is good in addition to physical therapy
  • Dog Wheelchair is a great option to be used for recovery and during physical therapy. 

Please be patient and realize that healing and recovery takes time. Your dog should fully recover. However, in severe cases a dog may show weakness in a limb, but will not be in pain. Your dog should avoid stairs while recovering. Another great thing besides that your dog should make a full recovery, is that this probably won’t happen again. 

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