Tripod Dog Care; Things You Should Know

tripod dog care

Tripod dogs or tripawds are dogs that are born with only three legs or have an amputation. Amputations can occur due to things such as an accident or cancer. Dogs can do well on only three legs, especially if they were born this way.  

There is an adjustment period where you will need to help your dog if they have an amputation. Getting up and also going to the bathroom may be difficult. You can use a towel or a support sling to assist your dog from underneath. You should also help your dog using the stairs or avoid them all together until your dog feels confident again moving around on their own. 

Front versus rear leg tripod amputation

Young dogs that adjust well to their amputation may not need assistance moving. Front leg amputees put more weight on their one front leg. Hind leg amputees keep their one rear leg positioned directly under themselves. They do this for stability. Changes in your dog’s gait can cause pain, fatigue and other issues such as arthritis overtime and they may eventually need a dog wheelchair.

Choose the right tripod dog wheelchair for your amputee pet

tripod dog care

A rear amputation or if your dog does not have any rear legs a dog wheelchair for back legs will provide them the support that they need. It will support your dog from underneath, stabilize the hips and to have a proper gate. Having a proper gate and removing stress on their remaining legs will help to preserve joint health and longevity. 

A full support dog wheelchair is best for a front amputation. It provides your dog support in both the front and also the rear legs. Dogs who are missing a front leg tend to put more weight on the opposite side rear leg. This can lead to issues with the joint and cause arthritis. However, with this dog wheelchair it will stabilize your dog’s gate and remove pressure by providing support from underneath to help prevent these issues. 

Tripod Dog care tips

  • Praise your dog to help keep their spirits high during recovery
  • Use a joint supplement specially designed for dogs
  • Prevent your dog from being overweight with a good diet and exercise
  • Avoid stairs or assist your dog until they are comfortable
  • Watch for signs of fatigue, pain or change in walking. See a vet immediately if you notice anything. After an amputation more frequent vet visits will be needed. 

Tripod dog’s can live a very normal life with a little extra care. But you can be sure that they will give the same amount of love and affection as a dog with four legs. 

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A dog wheelchair is also referred to as a handicap dog cart or wheels for handicap dogs. Some of the common needs are for hip dysplasia, an amputation or any other condition that results in front and or rear leg pain or weakness. Our dog wheelchairs are for small and large breeds. 

We offer a full support dog wheelchair which is also referred to as a dog quad wheelchair or four wheel dog wheelchair, a dog wheelchair for back legs and the patented SitGo Dog Wheelchair. This is the only one that allows your dog to go from standing to sitting without having to remove it. 

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