About Us

About Us
My Ring Bearer Mumford
(my best friend, well besides my wife) and me at my wedding.

My name is Brandon Pennington and I am the founder of Performance Dog Wheelchairs. I LOVE all animals, but especially dogs! I’ve been amazed by how similar dogs are to humans. They get a lot of the same health issues and feel the same emotions that humans do. I have been around animals my whole life and have always had a dog ever since I was a child. I have had all types of dogs, both big and small. I have also dealt with a lot of heartache with several of my dogs and their health. I too have dealt with my own health problems. One is a leg discrepancy which has caused me pain and issues walking ever since I was young.

Dealing with my own physical mobility issue and seeing so many dogs have issues with their mobility, is why I started Performance Dog Wheelchairs. I’m a very active person, but have always struggled with pain and mobility. I’ve seen so many other dogs deal with similar issues. Performance Dog Wheelchairs and veterinarians want you to help spread the word about our dog wheelchairs. We want you to know that physical limitations are not the end to mobility. Our purpose is to give others and their dogs the ability to seek new adventures and overcome physical challenges with one of our dog wheelchairs.     

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