What Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?

You want to know what dogs are hypoallergenic, but first let’s answer what does hypoallergenic dog mean?  What makes a dog hypoallergenic means that a dog is less likely to cause an allergic reaction, not that they are allergy free. Many people believe that people who are allergic to dogs have to do with aContinue reading “What Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?”

What are common health problems in pit bulls?

Pit bulls are generally healthy dogs. However, there are some health problems common in pit bulls that you should be aware of.  Skin problems Skin problems are common in pit bulls. They range from allergies, tumors and even skin cancer. Keep your dog clean including their ears and avoid too much sun exposure. Ear infectionsContinue reading “What are common health problems in pit bulls?”

How To Treat Pressure Sores In Dogs

What causes pressure sores in dogs? Pressure sores in dogs also called decubitus ulcers in dogs or dog bed sores form from repeated pressure usually in a bony area where blood flow is constricted. Since blood carries oxygen and when this is restricted the skin begins to die. This is most common in larger breedContinue reading “How To Treat Pressure Sores In Dogs”

What Are The Treatment Options For Diabetes In Dogs?

Treatment options for diabetes in dogs should be to eliminate the severe signs of diabetes. Diabetes is usually controlled, not eliminated with the following. Injections  Insulin injections are what is needed most often for diabetic dogs. Insulin injections are given twice a day, sometimes once depending on the type. Things to consider when choosing theContinue reading “What Are The Treatment Options For Diabetes In Dogs?”

Can Dogs Get Diabetes?

The answer is yes.  There are two types of diabetes in dogs.   Insulin-deficiency diabetes – This is when a dog doesn’t produce enough insulin and is the most common type. Insulin-resistance diabetes – This is when a dog’s body is not utilizing the insulin that it produces properly. This is common in older dog’s thatContinue reading “Can Dogs Get Diabetes?”

Mobile Pet Groomers; Why They Are Worth It

There are so many remote jobs, grocery delivery services and also mobile pet groomers. You almost never have to leave your house unless you want to these days. Here are some of the reasons why mobile pet grooming is so worth it. Saves you time No traveling and they finish way faster. You will haveContinue reading “Mobile Pet Groomers; Why They Are Worth It”

How Dogs Affect Your Mental Health 

How dogs affect your mental health can be seen in many forms, not only mentally but also physically. Here are some of the ways they can help you.   Helps you mentally  If you suffer from depression, anxiety or stress a dog helps you to be more active. Exercise helps with all these things. Having aContinue reading “How Dogs Affect Your Mental Health “

What To Know Before Starting Your Dog Or Cat On Supplements

Many people take dietary supplements and an increasing number of those people are starting to give them to their pets. Vitamins, fatty acids, probiotics and Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM are the most common. Below are some important things to know before starting your dog or cat on supplements. Know what is in your pet’s foodContinue reading “What To Know Before Starting Your Dog Or Cat On Supplements”

What Are The Challenges Of Owning a Dog?

The challenges of owning a dog definitely don’t outweigh the benefits. However, it’s still good to be prepared for some of the challenges you may face.  Trying To Escape This can be more of a tendency when you first get your dog since they don’t know you well. The bond of friendship has not fullyContinue reading “What Are The Challenges Of Owning a Dog?”

Lumps And Bumps In Dogs; The Most Common Types

The thought of finding lumps and bumps in dogs can be concerning. However, fewer than half of the growths on dogs are cancerous. You should always take your dog to a veterinarian to have them checked out just to be sure. Below is a list of the most common types of growths on dogs. HereContinue reading “Lumps And Bumps In Dogs; The Most Common Types”